learning_anywhereAt Tuesday night’s public hearing about A+UP’s intention to apply to the state for a public school charter, several A+UP parents attended to learn about A+UP’s future plans, share their stories with an interested public, and show their support. A transcript of the evening’s Question and Answer session exhibits the many ways that A+UP has been a paradigm-shifting, life-changing experience for students and families from a variety of educational and socioeconomic backgrounds. Below are a few excerpts from the night’s testimonials.  Those interested in learning more about A+UP’s application can review slides from the night’s presentation or contact A+UP directly for more information.

March 4, 2014, 6:00-7:00 PM

A+UP parent: "[My son]has grown a lot academically, but what I really appreciate about the coaches is that [he]has grown in character. ... Just the change from day one to now is almost like night and day in terms of confidence, responsibility, ownership of his actions. ... [My younger son]is going to graduate 5th grade this year, and if he can’t go to A+UP, he’s going to be homeschooled.  I don’t want him to step into any other environment."

A+UP parent:  "My public school experience has always been about biting my nails. Teachers say [my child is]super, but he’s always underfoot and won’t let them teach. So I went in [to A+UP]thinking “What are they going to say about my kid?” But it wasn’t like that at all.  They listen to you as parents. ... It made me so happy that they took notes and suggestions."

A+UP parent:  "It’s his choice. He could have said 'let’s go back to homeschool,' but he loves it there.  He tells everybody about it.  All the kids speak so eloquently.  They’re like little adults. ...  I was a teacher for four years, and we had book lists, required reading.  [At A+UP]they get to choose.  So now he loves what he’s reading, and he’ll just go up in his room and read.  He’s active and athletic, always moving, so for him to want to read and finish he book, to say 'come on, I just have 3 more pages'  – it’s amazing."

Younger sibling of a current student: "I like your school.  I used to go to HISD.  I used to cry all the time because the work was hard.  But when [my brother]comes home he shows me what he does at A+UP and it’s so fun."
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