The support provided by Houston A+ Challenge in the forms of Instructional Coaching and Formative Assessment creation allowed our Math department, teaming with brand new teachers, to truly focus on alignment of support and content knowledge of our teachers. The increase in STAAR performance we achieved this year is palpable evidence of the value gained this year with this partnership.

–Samyra Rogers, Assistant Principal, Houston ISD, Holland Middle School


Our success this year was dependent on many things, some of which are as follows.  Lots of celebrations and appreciation. Weekly communication to create inclusion and collaboration. Overcommunication. Authenticity. High expectations. One-on-ones with teachers and staff, and with student leaders twice a year. Revolving door of resources that are effective for departments. Continuing teacher education and coaching with Houston A+ Challenge.

–Monique Lewis, Principal


My coach has helped me to create the environment in the classroom.  The language we’re using, the strategies I’m showing, it’s a lot of things, all of it empowering the students to lead their own learning.

–Katy Richardson, Math Teacher, A+ Partner School


This year was my second year participating in the Houston A+ Challenge and Jen is amazing. She always comes with new and relevant tips that will benefit the coaches as we coach the teachers. The role playing and interaction with our peers has helped increase my effectiveness as a coach.

–Andrea Roberts, Reading Instructional Coach, Beaumont ISD, Smith Middle School


Erica Milson was a great help asset to me as a writing teacher this year. Each year I often struggle with knowing exactly what to focus on, so that at the end of year on STAAR I would get the most out of my students for the test. She would come weekly and help me assess student data from assessments as well as student writing to see where they were. She never left me without feedback or tips for what to focus on with their Revise and Editing or to make their writing flow. Thanks, Erica, for all that you did to help me grow this year as a teacher, and to grow my students.

–LaKesha Boyd, 4th Grade ELA, Katy, Franz Elementary School