Houston A+ Challenge works behind-the-scenes with state legislators and local school board members to connect research and practice with policy, by informing and advocating for positive systemic change at the state and local levels.

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Innovation-paper In an economy fueled by innovation, our nation is counting on our schools to cultivate students that will solve the global dilemmas of our future. Yet the content and practice found in most classrooms remain woefully out-of-step with 21st century careers. So how do we pursue innovation in our schools  – or more specifically, create the conditions for bold new ideas and delivery models?

Moving-Up-The-Middle Today, reams of studies have shown that American middle schools are the weak link in the chain of public education.Drawing on lessons learned from Houston A+ Challenge’s 15 years of work in school reform — most currently in middle schools — this white paper provides a road map for implementing a new model of accountability for Texas middle schools.

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TQ-brief Houston A+ Challenge believes that policies and processes that determine how teachers are prepared, licensed, deployed, evaluated, developed and supported, and compensated need to be revamped, so that the needs of students are first and foremost.

PQ-brief Lessons learned through A+’s 15 years of providing principal training and coaching inform our policy and strategic recommendations for state, district, and school leaders, which are intended to expand the supply of effective principals and greatly increase their capacity to achieve positive impact in their school communities.

Testimony Submitted to Texas Legislative Committees on Public Education