The Houston A+ Challenge Speaker Series on Public Education took an unprecedented international focus in 2013-14.

Thanks to Chevron’s generous sponsorship, Houston’s educators and thought leaders had the opportunity to learn from Pasi Sahlberg of Finland’s education ministry; Ee-Ling Low, representing Singapore’s teacher training institute; Andreas Schleicher, founder of the international PISA test; and Sugata MitraTED Prize winner and education visionary.

What can U.S. schools learn from top-performing systems worldwide?  What can be done to ensure U.S. students have excellent teachers and leaders, and curriculum that teaches them to communicate, solve problems, and really think?  In a world where information is at our fingertips, what must students know and be able to do?

Through presentation videos, interviews, summaries, and more, learn what this year’s speakers had to say about some of the biggest education issues we face.

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