Flipped classrooms are increasing as a powerful strategy in 21st century classrooms. Let’s practice that innovation right now.

To prepare for the Monica Martinez talk, please take a few minutes to review the video and short articles below. With this background information, you will experience a Deeper Learning.

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How can schools develop self-directed learners?

The capacity for self-direction is the foundation for learning. Students who develop a sense of responsibility for their own learning are prepared to master rigorous academic content, think critically and analytically, communicate effectively, and collaborate productively. That is the view of teachers and principals we interviewed and observed in action for our forthcoming book, Deeper Learning: A Blueprint for Schools in the 21st Century. Read More →

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6 Rules to break for better, Deeper-Learning outcomes

As educators, we know when students tune in — and we know when they tune out. The more elusive question is why. There is emerging consensus that the 20th-century approach to education, which favors methods such as lectures and rote learning, is standing in the way of making school relevant to more students. Fortunately, research is catching up with our intuition and validating the practices that we know work in the classroom. One vision in particular, about what students should be able to do and know, is picking up steam. It’s called deeper learning. Read More →

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