Workplaces and homes have changed dramatically over the past 150 years. Why haven’t schools?

Despite the influx of smart boards, laptops and tablets, schools are fundamentally the same as they were 150 years ago: students grouped by age, rather than skills; learning shaped to fit a schedule, not the other way around; curriculum built around canonical texts and traditional formulas, instead of the skills and knowledge students need to thrive in the 21st century. As technology changes the way we work, live, and think, our schools – and students – are being left behind.

Launched by Houston A+ Challenge in 2013, A+ Unlimited Potential – Houston’s first personalized learning middle school – combines the best of community resources, education technology, engaged families, expert teachers and empowered students to offer an education unlike any other. And through partnerships with Neighborhood Centers and the University of Houston, we are exploring how A+UP innovations can be replicated and scaled in traditional schools.

Piloting innovative models like A+UP is in our DNA at Houston A+ Challenge. Over nearly 20 years in Houston, we have helped launch the region’s first early college and public international high schools, as well as dozens of initiatives to improve everything from parent engagement to dropout rates to faculty meetings.

How does Houston A+ Challenge INNOVATE in schools?