June 2, 2015

Commissioner Williams sends charter school decisions to SBOE

AUSTIN – Commissioner of Education Michael Williams today advised members of the State Board of Education of his decision to grant six Generation Twenty charters. Those approved by the Commissioner include:

• A+ Unlimited Potential (Houston)
• Athlos Academy (Dallas/Fort Worth)
• Kaufmann Leadership Academy (Cleburne)
• Pioneer Technology & Arts Academy (Dallas/Fort Worth)
• The Lone Star Language Academy (Plano/Carrollton)
• Trivium Academy (Collin/Denton County)

Under Senate Bill 2 (passed during the 83rd Texas Legislature in 2013), the Commissioner grants new open-enrollment charters in Texas and must notify the SBOE of those he approves. The State Board of Education can veto any new charter approved by the Commissioner.

The State Board is expected to discuss the Commissioner’s decisions and take any action – if necessary – during its meetings in Austin on July 14-17.

Nineteen Generation Twenty applicants took part in the public applicant interviews on May 4-7 in Austin. Those that were seeking to operate an open-enrollment charter in Texas – but not granted approval by the Commissioner – include:

• Achievement Preparatory Academy Public Schools
• AIM To Learn Academy of The Arts
• Career Transitions Academy
• Carter G. Woodson College Prep and Leadership Academy
• Community Preparatory Academy
• Cumi Preparatory Academic Center
• Goodwater Montessori School
• Innovative Learning Academy
• Legacy Collegiate Middle and High School for Careers in Health and Wellness
• Project Genesis Academy
• QC American Dream Academy
• SA Youth YouthBuild Academy
• The Marthannie School

Challenge Academy was invited to take part in the public applicant interviews, but withdrew from consideration for a Generation Twenty charter.

To learn more about open-enrollment charter schools in Texas and the application process, visit the TEA website at http://tea.texas.gov/Texas_Schools/Charter_Schools/.

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