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Heather Staker is the founder and president of Ready to Blend, a research initiative focused on helping educators and families use blended learning to improve the achievement and well-being of K-12 children. She is also an adjunct fellow for the Clayton Christensen Institute for Disruptive Innovation, a nonprofit think tank that promotes disruptive innovation in education and health care.

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Blending Online Learning Into Schools 

As it grows, blended learning is evolving into seven models: Station Rotation, Lab Rotation, Flipped Classroom, Individual Rotation, Flex, a la Carte, and Enriched Virtual. Educators who want to get started with blended learning should begin with one of these basic models. From there, customize and combine models to suit your specific needs.

Which model works the best? The answer depends on your circumstances. Each model has succeeded in certain settings and failed in others. To help determine the best match for your context, a few observations related to each model are worth bearing in mind. Read More→

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Designing a Blended Learning Program

All too often schools cram computers into their classrooms — to the tune of $100 billion over the last several decades in the United States — with little to show for it in the way of student results.  So how can educators capture the promise of blended learning while avoiding the pitfalls? Read More →

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