TITLE:   Middle School Learning Coach, Challenge Network


  1. Bachelor’s degree
  2. Texas Teacher’s Certificate, Grades 4-8. preferred
  3. Collaborative, but independent; able to work in a non-profit world, but autonomously in a start-up project where there is a small number of these positions currently in the learning organization
  4. Understands the “personalized learning” model ; has an understanding of self-paced, self-contained classroom environments
  5. Embraces the title of “connected educator”; is committed to using a series of technology tools to improve learning opportunities for self and student
  6. Embraces a problem-solving approach to the schooling process and has a “never quit” mentality when it comes to student learning and success
  7. Exceeds all State Board of Educator Teacher Tech Apps standards

Must be able to travel throughout the Houston Museum District by foot, and complete all physical requirements expected of a classroom teacher

Director of School Performance

Drive student achievement gains by at least one year, as measured on an approved standardized test, in the areas of reading, writing, and problem-solving


  1. Supervise one to two adult teaching assistants and up to 20 middle school-aged students
  2. Plan and prepare to collaborate with individual students and their families to develop individual learning plans based on high expectations that are personalized, ambitious, and measurable
  3. Establish a positive learning environment where you, the student, and the student’s family are held to high expectations for learner behaviors and learning engagement with the context of the museum district
  4. Insure learning where all students are growing at least one year in the areas of reading, writing, and problem-solving as measured by an approved standardized test
  5. Be a professional by maintaining regular communication with families, and work collaboratively with those families to design and insure learning; collaborate with other learning coaches and teaching assistants to analyze student data, assess student needs, instruct and monitor learning, and assign interventions; solicit feedback from team members to improve professional skills; and participate in professional development opportunities locally, regionally, and virtually

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