Donate to Houston A+ Challenge

Houston A+ Challenge is the only local organization that exists to incubate innovative education practices in the region, and the only only organization poised to disseminate lessons learned from this innovation to the public schools that serve nine out of ten students in our region, and to the communities that support those schools.

Your donation to Houston A+ Challenge is leveraged giving: By supporting the professional growth of one teacher, or underwriting one innovative initiative, your gift can impact hundreds or thousands of students and make a lasting change in a Houston-area school.

For example:

A donation of $50 covers materials for one school team to learn and practice strong math or literacy instructional techniques at one of our Challenge Network workshops or customized, campus-based seminars.

A donation of $800 covers the cost of one student laptop at A+ Unlimited Potential (A+UP), Houston’s most innovative (and practically paperless) middle school.

A donation of $3,000 enables one school leader to pursue a results-focused school improvement project with the support of peers and A+ Coaches, through one of our nine year-long Challenge Academies.

A donation of $8,000 covers the cost for one student to attend A+UP for a year, and change the trajectory of his or her life forever.

To learn more about how your gift can support growth and sustainability at Houston A+ Challenge, contact Katherine Smith, Director of Strategy and Partnerships.

“I sincerely believe Houston A+ Challenge is by far the most relevant and important social and cultural charity in the City of Houston.”

-Kathlyn Curtis, A+ Supporter