A+UP Museum District, the groundbreaking mobile middle school launched by Houston A+ Challenge in 2013, was featured in the Wall Street Journal on Monday, September 8, 2014, as the lead example in a piece on school models leveraging technology to increase student achievement. From the article:

“At Houston’s A+ UP, students ride public transit to go beyond the classroom. ‘You get to experience more stuff than at our old school,’ said Laysha Chapa, a 12-year-old starting seventh grade.

School administrators say the approach is improving academic performance. On the Stanford Achievement Test, which is used nationally, more than half the school’s students scored in the top half in math by the end of last school year, up from 29% at the beginning. The gains in reading were bigger, with 66% of the students scoring in the upper half at year’s end, up from 35%.”

Read full article in PDF: ‘Mobile’ Schools Use Technology to Break Free of the Classroom (Wall Street Journal subscribers can read the article online here) A+UP is a privately-funded pilot program that is tuition-free for students. Visit our donations page to offer your support.

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