Houston A+ Challenge's mission is to be a catalyst for change and a model for innovation in education in the Houston area and beyond, to ensure that every student is prepared for post-secondary success.

We are committed to the vision that all children, no matter what their background, graduate high school prepared to achieve their maximum potential in college, career and civic life.

To achieve this vision, A+ coaches work in classrooms, schools and districts throughout the Greater Houston region, providing teachers and administrators with the training and tools necessary to ensure that each student is challenged, supported and inspired to achieve at the highest level.

A+ also engages the public in efforts to strengthen and transform public education, by bringing the latest research, ideas, and strategies to Houston, to inspire families, elected officials, community and business leaders with a vision for what's possible for Houston's children.

Global Perspectives on Education

As Houston strives to remain at the forefront of a rapidly changing global economy, we will sink or swim based on the skills, creativity and entrepreneurship of our local graduates. What can we learn from top-performing systems -- not just at home, but worldwide?

Our 2013-14 speaker series featured world leaders in education discussing the policies and strategies that characterize these leading performers - and what the U.S. can learn. Read more about our 2013-14 international speaker series, view the full lecture, and watch exclusive In Focus interviews.

How You Can Help

Houston A+ Challenge invites you to join our movement to help Houston's public schools transform into places where every student graduates high school ready to achieve post-secondary success.  Read more.